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We are your reliable partner for planning and implementing complex studios or fixed broadcast facilities.


We Realise your Fixed Broadcast Facility

With our international team, we design and build TV studios, radio studios or playout centres including all other contract work, from furniture to IP-network technology.

Broadcast Solutions produces your OB Van according to brief and tailor-made to your needs. There are (almost) no limits to make your idea a reality. Our range of mobile production equipment covers all applications, from small OB Vans with four cameras to large mobile units with 30 or more cameras used at the largest sports and live events in the world.

With our Streamline OB Vans, we have transformed the process of construction into a product ranging from four to 16 cameras, covering all common production scenarios. All Streamline OB Vans are pre-configured, offer similar technical equipment, space and workflow concepts, making them extremely cost effective and quick to deliver – we always have vehicles and trailers in stock. Alongside the cost advantages at purchase, the vehicles offer many benefits in daily live operation. Due to the identical design and equipment, set-up times and the training effort of the teams are considerably lower.

We equip all Broadcast Solutions OB Vans, whether individual or from our Streamline series, with the latest technology and scalable solutions (HD, UHD, HDR, IP connectivity) to gear them up for future technical and production-related innovations.


Future Proof Studio Infrastructures


With already more than 50 units built, Streamline are the most successful OB Vans in the world!

Simple Accordion

  • TV studios
  • Radio studios
  • Post-production studios
  • News production, NRCS
  • Archiving and storage systems
  • Test systems, as well as quality control and monitoring systems
  • Virtual studios
  • Playout Centres
  • Video Assistant Referee solutions
  • MCR
  • Media asset management systems
  • Fibre optic solutions for data transmission
  • DVB headends and signal distribution
  • IPTV solutions
  • IP- and network technology

Simple Accordion

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Systems integration
  • We act as general contractor
  • Archiving and storage systems
  • Manufacturer-independent consulting and competence
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Service & Support


System Integration in other areas

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